Case Study - Agriculture

Client:​​ ​
Industry​​: Agriculture, Seasonal
Time using MarketGoo​​: 1 years
Plan:​​ MarketGoo PRO Monthly Plan
Time dedicated to SEO​​: 5 hours per week

Market Goo Case-Study - Agriculture

The folks over at ​True Vine Ranch have successfully combined ​Paid Search and organic SEO​ and have gotten great results. Who are they and how’d they do it?

True Vine Ranch is a family owned farm in Kansas. Their star offering are ​large blueberry plants​, and they have over 20,000 high quality plants available for shipping. Their website successfully conveys their mission and passion for blueberry plants, and is a good example of a business that is in a competitive niche, ​has highly variable traffic because of its sales being seasonal​, and processes orders for plants directly through this website.

The challenges here are evident – these small business owners have to keep their site traffic growing and orders coming in even when there are factors that dampen demand or supply that are out of their control (such as weather).

When they first started with MarketGoo, they knew that the technical aspects of their SEO weren’t at their best, and h​ad tried some other tools that just seemed made for tech savvy people who had the time to dig through lots of metrics and take a guess as to what they should prioritise.

Doug from True Vine Ranch said it best:

I have some technical aptitude but not enough for tools that are geared for developers and more savvy users. I am an overworked small business owner and not a web developer. As such, I need a tool like MarketGoo that seems to have targeted small business owners as the primary users .

- Doug, True Vine Ranch

He was able to do bite sized tasks or make big changes to his site depending on how much time he had, and has been able to see who visits his site from search engine results, and who visits his site from Paid Ads.

The combination of these two techniques have clearly served the business well, if we see their keywords and traffic. We can also see how much has been saved by also working on organic SEO and not only relying on Paid Ads. True Vine Ranch has worked hard to optimise their site, and with that comes the freedom of knowing that if one day they lower their budget or stop putting out ads, their ​traffic won’t disappear​.

Check out a recap of exactly how MarketGoo helped ​​ below:

1. Challenges they were facing

  • Site’s SEO was in disarray
  • Business owner had limited time to work on SEO
  • Seasonal Business (very pronounced highs and lows)

2. How MarketGoo enabled success

  • Identification of technical errors
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Tasks can be completed in any order
  • Measurable progress

3. The SEO results obtained

Before:​ 4 keywords in top 3 positions

After​: ​11​ keywords in top 3 positions

Before: ​Main keyword on Page 1 results

After:​ ​5 main​ keywords on Page 1 results

Before: ​High fluctuations in traffic

After​: ​20%​ increase in site traffic

Before​: 200 ranked keywords

After:​ ​357 ​ranked keywords

3. Time & Resources Saved

  • True Vine Ranch combines MarketGoo with Paid Search Ads.
  • It costs around ​$2.03​ for each visitor’s click on an ad triggered by their main keywords
  • True Vine Ranch has saved around ​$761​ in Paid Ads by optimizing their page for search with MarketGoo.