Case Study - Corporate Law Firm

Client:​​ ​Corporate & Securities Law Firm
Industry​​: Law Practice
Time using SEO​​: 6 years
Plan:​​ Local Campaign in Sacramento, CA
Spend​​: $2500/month

SEO Case-Study - Corporate Law Firm

SEO Strategy

This client has been with us for almost six years, which is a testament to the growth and success of their SEO campaign. They originally came to us because they were a brand new practice in California, and needed exposure quickly. Because their website was also new, we had to make sure that professional and engaging content was added on the website that highlighted their services and captured their keywords.

Their success shows how crucial an SEO campaign is to the growth of a business. When you have a new website and practice in such a competitive area (Sacramento, CA), it’s difficult to get your website ranking quickly. Through our SEO campaign, we quickly got them ranking on the first page of Google for competitive legal keywords. The client was able to quickly establish themselves as a trusted local law firm and got a headstart on building their book of business in their first year.

Throughout their 6-year campaign, we’ve also helped them grow their audience base by targeting new geographic locations with new targeted local keywords. We are so proud we’ve been able to help this client grow their business, and look forward to more success in the future!

14 Keywords on Page 1

42% Increase in Direct Traffic

32% Increase in New Users

42% Increase in Sessions