Case Study - Real Estate

Client:​​ ​
Industry​​: Real Estate
Time using MarketGoo​​: 3 years
Plan:​​ MarketGoo PRO Monthly Plan
Time dedicated to SEO​​: 20 hours per week

MarketGoo Case-Study - Real Estate

We’re excited to present a close look at one of our power users, Susan Nottingham of ​Nottingham Realty & Rentals​, a family owned real estate company that provides property management services for home and condo rentals and sales, as well as house sitting services for Florida beach areas such as Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville and surrounding locations. As you can see, they have a lot on their plate! To top it off, the online real estate market is not only ​​highly competitive in terms of SEO​​, it is also very dynamic. You see a listing today, which may be gone tomorrow.

All this made for a challenging road ahead when Nottingham Realty & Rentals began using MarketGoo. They were aware there was quite a bit of work to be done and their efforts have paid off!

I found that using keywords and then the system telling me how to change descriptions to better work with those keywords very effective .

- Susan, Nottingham Realty and Rental

So what tasks and recommendations did ​ get, that supercharged its search engine optimisation? Our SEO and web optimisation tasks are tailored to each site’s needs, so this real estate site got a mix of keyword suggestions to capture local traffic, optimise images, recommendations on how to get quality backlinks, and step by step instructions on how to optimise each page differently depending on what audience it was targeted at.

Additionally, how to get listed on directories, recommendations on social profile optimisation, and on site content improvement all contribute to getting a site like this noticed by search engines​​.

One of the great byproducts of a well optimised site is that it ​​directs more business leads to your site, reduces any reliance on paid ads, and gives you a leg up in regards to your competitors ​(also, they’ll never know you’re monitoring them through MarketGoo!). Nottingham Realty saw these improvements.

As you can see, ​change did not happen overnight​, but optimising for search engines has had a very positive impact on ​Nottingham Realty & Rentals site. If you’re in the real estate industry, it’s a no brainer – you need to be on top of SEO. If you’re in a different, competitive industry, now is the time to start keeping tabs on your competitors, increasing your results in search engines, and learning while using a tool like MarketGoo that strives to make each recommendation and optimisation task easy to understand and implement.

Check out a recap of exactly how MarketGoo helped ​​ below:

1. Challenges they were facing

  • Increase visibility in a competitive niche
  • Keep an eye on competitors
  • Target different segments within their business

2. How MarketGoo enabled success

  • Showed tasks specifically targeting keywords
  • Enabled easy monitoring of up to 4 competitors
  • Gave guidelines for content creation
  • Measurable progress with monthly reports

3. The SEO results obtained

Before:​​ Less than 10 backlinks

After​​: ​​50+​​ backlinks

Before: ​​1 keyword on Page 1 results

After:​​ ​​4​​ keywords on Page 1 results

Before: ​​Main keyword not in Top 25 Google results

After​​: ​​15​ position​ increase in search results and inclusion in Top 25

Before​​: 42 ranked keywords

After:​​ ​​632​ ​ranked keywords

3. Time & Resources Saved

  • Increased visibility in highly competitive search results.
  • Increase in number of business leads coming through the site
  • No over-reliance on Paid Ads
  • Improved positioning relative to competitors