Case Study - Resort & Hotel

From Zero to 3,200+

How We Made One Hotel Facebook Famous in Two Months with Digital Advertising

Social Case-Study - Sapphire Hotel

Who needs digital advertising?

Who needs digital advertising? Local businesses. Proper social posting supplemented with top-notch Facebook advertising tactics can make your business Facebook famous, especially backed by digital advertising experts. Here’s just one example of how we conquered Facebook fame, and the success story of one local business that skyrocketed from 0 Facebook likes to over 3,200 in just two months.

The Client

The Sapphire Hotel & Waterpark* is a hotel and indoor waterslide attraction that offers streamlined rooms and suites with in-suite kitchenettes, free Wi-Fi, 140 cm flat screen TVs and more. The Sapphire also sports an attached water park with whirlpool tubs, two waterslides, a wading pool, sauna and fitness room—it’s a must-stay location when visiting the region. However, with all the great amenities and benefits the establishment offers, they had no Facebook presence whatsoever. Here’s why that matters:

Facebook active monthly users: 18.6 billion

Number of tourists visiting the hotel’s region in 2014: 12.5 million

Number of consumer inquiries about tourism in the region made via social media in 2014: 15.4 million

Not only does Facebook have a massive audience that The Sapphire has left untouched, but people are visiting the region by the truck load. Additionally, people are using social media to find out about tourism in the area, and The Sapphire has no presence for these interested parties to find on Facebook.

These facts, combined with the hotel industry average of 516 Facebook likes and 78 Facebook posts*, show clearly that The Sapphire was leagues behind in their social presence, and missing out on a huge opportunity.

In the digital age, researching a hotel thoroughly before your visit is a must, and so The Sapphire sought expert digital advertising services to turn their social media situation around.

The goal

With Facebook being the largest, most engaged social media platform on the internet, The Sapphire wanted to take advantage of its audience to promote their brand. The immediate goals were to:

  • Build their presence on Facebook from the ground up
  • Grow an audience of future customers to engage with
  • And ultimately, drive room bookings and waterpark ticket sales

Plan of attack

Our team built a custom Facebook page for The Sapphire Hotel & Waterpark and began regular social posting with best practices. They also set up and ran Facebook Advertising campaigns to supplement traffic and exposure.

Facebook page creation

Our team created a well-designed and accurate Facebook page for The Sapphire, including all relevant details about the hotel, with accurate business hours and the ability for customers to engage with the business directly from the page. These are a must for generating more business via social media!

Facebook posting

One part of the plan was to build their presence through organic social posts. Our team began posting relevant, timely and engaging social posts to The Sapphire’s new Facebook page, following social media best practices, to grow the audience, reach and promote the client’s brand. We provided The Sapphire with a full calendar of custom-crafted social posts that would be scheduled for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The calendars consisted of five original posts for each week of the month, and were approved, scheduled and published live for The Sapphire’s social channels.

Facebook Advertising campaigns

Using the information and files provided by The Sapphire Hotel, the digital advertising team created compelling, creative and custom Facebook ads to be delivered to a highly targeted audience. These ads are built to drive traffic, boost promotions and ultimately generate hotel bookings and sales.

The recipe for success with Facebook advertising is to reach a highly targeted audience the optimal number of times within a certain time period. Our digital advertising focuses on this recipe for success when creating each advertising campaign, targeting only the people most likely to convert and turn into real-life sales and bookings for The Sapphire.

The Results

After little more than two months, the client’s Facebook presence boomed. Both the Facebook page itself and the Facebook ad campaigns were seeing great results from their efforts.

Facebook Page

From no Facebook presence, to a booming social page, our posting and page-optimization efforts garnered the business huge attention. Here are the hard numbers detailing the success of the Facebook page from just two months of our digital advertising efforts:

Page likes growth: 0 to 3,284

Average organic post reach growth: 0 to 2,000

Average organic posts clicks: 0 to 100+

Organic page reviews: 15

Average review rating: 5 star

Direct messages from interested customers: 35

Beyond the numbers, it’s clear to see overall user engagement with The Sapphire’s business page. Many users were consistently sharing the hotel’s posts and tagging their friends, creating further promotion and reach for the business through virality.

Additionally, the business gained access to Facebook’s advanced analytics by reaching over 1,000 fans of the page. These advanced analytics allow for more detailed tracking of their Facebook success, and are gated by follower count for larger, more successful Facebook business pages. This provides valuable business intelligence to The Sapphire, and allows for more optimization of ad campaigns to drive even more success and reach.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

One Facebook Ad campaign run by the Digital Advertising team was promoting the The Sapphire’s waterslide package. The marketing objective of the campaign was to gain clicks and impressions, and to drive phone calls directly to the business, but it achieved much more. In just two months, the campaign generated such active engagement and public buzz that it reached “viral” status.

Shares, comments, and reactions: 200+

Impressions: 245,000+

Ad clicks: 5,600

Calls to business from ad: 15

Similar to the Facebook page engagement, the success of the campaign can be seen in how engaged the Facebook users were with the ad itself. Dozens of users were commenting and tagging friends to let them know about the deal, and word quickly spread across Facebook about The Sapphire. Due to the ad, 51 calls were made directly to the business to discuss the waterslide package further.

As the largest, most engaged social network online, Facebook is a platform you do not want to miss out on.
What are you waiting for? Get Facebook—go viral.